For more information on pricing, and other school cheer options that Raider Xtreme has to offer, please don't hesitate to contact our front office at (806) 795-2222 or via email at!

Let us help you by taking care of your lunches during your time here with us, with prices that can't be beat! No need for the pick-up, clean up, etc. Let us do the work for you!

Raider Xtreme offers private 3 day high school and junior high cheer camps where our coaching staff will teach new cheers, chants and timeout material, as well as work with each team on game time situations to help their team be the best cheerleaders they can be! Your school cheer team(s) will also work with our professional building skill instructors to learn proper safety technique to perfect stunts as well as learn new ones!

Along with learning new gameday material and stunt safety technique, Raider Xtreme will also choreograph and put together an All-Star like pep rally routine! This routine will be 1:30-2:00 minutes long and will include tumbling, jumps, building skills (stunts & pyramid), and an ending dance section, all to custom, professional mixed music for your pep rally of choice!


On the last day of camp, Raider Xtreme will host a show-off for all family and friends to attend to watch all that your school cheer team and mascot learned while attending camp!


With only the upmost, even collegiate, experience in the area, we offer the best there is when it comes to mascot instruction! Your mascot will be trained on gameday situations, and even learn a customized skit to music for your pep rally/performance of choice!

Raider Xtreme offers many different ways for your school cheer team and mascot to be the best they can be, all while having fun and following special safety guidelines! Our one of a kind private school cheer camps, that include a customized pep rally routine with personalized, professional music, and one of a kind gameday material to prepare your cheerleaders, all coached by our credentialed, and experienced instructors, is the perfect start for your school year!